Smart Lives of Smart Men – Episode 2: Discussing Tomorrow

Smart Lives of Smart Men – Episode 2: Discussing Tomorrow

Sheraz Amin Technology, The Daily Leave a Comment

Following up on Gear Patrol’s Episode 1 of how technology is changing the lives of men and the world, the collective of Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean, Evan Orensten of Cool Hunting, Anthony Sperduti of Partners & Spade, Ben Pieratt of Svpply, and Richard Blakeley of Thrillist continue their discussion this time analyzing the role of technology and its perspectives on the future, delving into the merits and efficiencies of the medium, the discussion touches on topics such as innovating platforms to limiting physicality and effects on individual expression.

In all, our lives are being permeated and being radically reshaped by technology. With the breakthroughs in other fields and promises of fundamental changes in living standards and all future endeavors come the radical vigilantes and dangers of mass effect biochemical weapons. However it is our adaptive responses of how we react to these changes that will determine how we coexist. What’re your thoughts?

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