Studio visit: Tenka Gammelgaard

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It is often said if you wish to become successful at something you need to completely immerse yourself in your work.  No one does this adage befit better than Danish painter Tenka Gammelgaard.   Exuding creativity, Tenka has brilliantly curated a remarkable work space that artists only dream about.  Using a juxtaposition of black and white the studio emits an aura of ingenuity amidst organized chaos.  Everything is black and white, from the black drips on the white floor, to the painted paintbrushes the studio is an embodiment of creativity.  I can ramble on forever but this quote quite effectively sums up our thoughts on Tenka, “I’ve got to much imagination to be a housewife”- Tenka Gammelgaard.  Simply Brilliant – Enjoy the pics.

For more on Tenka be sure to check out her personal blog.

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