Pan Asia – Impressions from Southeast Asia by Paul Wex

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One of the paramount advantages of technology today is that the gap between physical experience and visual stimulus now no longer requires expensive equipment nor participation.  Affordable DSLRs have made it so that we can share our personal experiences and cultures with whomever we chose via any satellite location.

Travel and culture is something we here at Sunday Essentials hold dear to us.  We’ve both been fortunate enough to travel to various parts of Asia and partake in cultural nuances while there. Travelling to another country and absorbing the essence of the lifestyle and surroundings imparts a sense of allure that you have to encounter first-hand in order to truly appreciate the experience.  Or you can sit back and live vicariously through this stunning journey that captures the magnetism and beauty of the place in question.

Shot with a Cannon 7D, Paul Wex takes us through a stunning journey exploring the splendor of the Asian continent.  Focusing on raw emotions and not hindered by heavy gears or rules Paul presents some of the most striking visuals that we’ve across.  The accessibility of cameras and tech these days just makes me wonder why there aren’t more of these videos around.  Needless to say if you’ve never had the opportunity to visit southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and more) – we highly recommend you take in these visuals.

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