Paper & Tea Berlin

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In our endless quest to explore and expose you (our readers) to innovative landscapes, ideas, thoughts, creations, we’ve happened upon French Canadian tea enthusiast’s Jens de Gruyter’s Berlin based concept tea store Paper & Tea. Designed in collaboration with product designer Fabian von Ferrari, Paper and Tea breaks the conventional over the counter mold, employing anything but a traditional apothecary …

Nudie Jeans Recycled Rugs

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It’s not every day that you come across a clothing manufacturer that is focusing their efforts on extending the life cycle of their garments beyond the everyday wear and tear.  However, Swedish Denim house Nudie Jeans’ “Post-Recycled Jeans initiative” which co-incidentally marks the brand’s foray into interior design, is both an eco-friendly and innovative solution that transforms worn out / …

Downside of the upside

Erik Johansson: Retouched reality

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“Surrealism” was an art form that masters of the craft, like Salvador Dali and Max Ernst had perfected in their lifetimes. Through their works we come to know how imagination and reality are linked, forming a pathway to the understanding of the world. The digital age of art and design has made what traditionally would be labeled “surreal”, into something more …

Herriott Grace: A Father Daughter Connection | Documentary

Herriott Grace: A Father Daughter Connection | Documentary

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Commitment, desire, and an incessant appetite to follow your dream, are the typical factors used to describe someone who turns their passion into a career. In the case of Harriott Grace, it was a father’s love and daughters savvy, that led Lance Herriott to bid farewell to his ship welder past and devote himself to his lifelong passion for woodworking. …


Must Read: Courts by Ward Roberts

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Melbourne based photographer Ward Roberts’ foray into the published world comes in the form of his debut book “Courts”.  A four year culmination of documenting basketball courts and sports fields from across the world Roberts’ captures an intriguing yet uncanny balance between a sport that thrills in its extreme and its minimalist sentiment in its silence.  Set against the dense …

Mikeal Kennedy Odyseuss

Mikael Kennedy – The Path to Odysseus

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Over the past decade New York based photographer Mikeal Kennedy has been chronicling his journey with the American Landscape, through his photography and journals.  As loyal fans of his work Lendl Tellington, Ricky Leighton and Theo Constantinou of Paradigm Magazine have put together this inspiring teaser on his upcoming exhibition in Philadelphia for his photo series “The Odyseuss”. Curated by …

Ben Sherman presents Conversations in Modernism

Ben Sherman presents Conversations in Modernism

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From its renaissance roots to its studies of art, poetry, philosophy, and science of ancient Greece and Rome to the utopian visions of a perfect society – in its truest essence modernism is the confidence of humans to shape their own individual destinies and the future of the world.  From its humble beginnings to its progressive nature, British mod menswear …

Afghan War Rugs – Symbols of a War Soaked Heritage

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With origins seeded in the decade of Soviet occupation of Afghanistan from the late 1970’s – the Afghan War Rug has manifested into a rich tradition that continues through the military, political and social conflicts among Afghan people today.  What first began as a celebratory representation of pride and glory for the conflicts with Soviets – now conveys the failure …

Letter Holder OSCAR

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Since the emergence of the internet and emails, it seems that letter writing has become a dying art. When I receive a written letter in the mail it seems so much more meaningful than receiving an email – knowing that someone had taken the time to chose the right paper, pen, envelope and physically send that letter is something special. …

Winnipeg Skating Shelters – Patkau Architects

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Nestled in the Canadian prairie, is a winter wonderland of Winnipeg, Manitoba – home to one of the coldest cities in the world.  With temperatures sitting at minus 45 degrees through the winter, the Red and Assiniboine rivers make for a number of long skating trails through the city.   But along with incredible icy landscapes also come the harsh Siberian …