Feb Fest in Kingston – When Life Gives You Snow, Just Party!

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The sleepy town of Kingston is normally known for its energetic student life and 1000 island boat cruises. Though, it seems the city offers excitement of different kind this February. From the 6 -9 Kingston turns into a winter wonderland for the cities annul Feb Fest festival! Four days of skating, ice sculptures and food. The whole downtown is involved …


Cutie & The Boxer a film by Zachary Heinzerling

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Director Zachary Heinzerling’s freshman foray in the director’s chair is an intimate journey into the lives of Japaneses artists Ushio and Noriko Shinohara. Considered to be a masterful portrait, Cutie and the Boxer navigates the 40-year love story between the two artists, chronicling their decades of hardship, resentment, anxiety, stymied ambitions, and Ushio’s personal challenges of over-coming chronic alcoholism. As …


Scott Boniface is “Aimless”

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Too often we lead our lives according to binaries, good / bad, right / wrong, and in doing so lose sight of ourselves and the rooted principles that really matter. Toronto Born artist Scott Boniface aims to break this mold of thought in his debut solo show “Aimless” showcasing at the Moniker Gallery in Toronto, September 5th-11th, 2013. With a …

Downside of the upside

Erik Johansson: Retouched reality

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“Surrealism” was an art form that masters of the craft, like Salvador Dali and Max Ernst had perfected in their lifetimes. Through their works we come to know how imagination and reality are linked, forming a pathway to the understanding of the world. The digital age of art and design has made what traditionally would be labeled “surreal”, into something more …


Beam & Anchor: Foundry for Creative Innovation

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Once an emerging trend, co-op work spaces have become a pedestrian occurrence around the world. Replacing the cubicle and the traditional 9-5, these spaces are quickly becoming the preferred foundry for entrepreneurs, artists, and craftsmen alike. We’ve come across quite a few co-op workspaces in our journey however none have had the appeal and vibrancy of Beam & Anchor. Occupying …

Mikeal Kennedy Odyseuss

Mikael Kennedy – The Path to Odysseus

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Over the past decade New York based photographer Mikeal Kennedy has been chronicling his journey with the American Landscape, through his photography and journals.  As loyal fans of his work Lendl Tellington, Ricky Leighton and Theo Constantinou of Paradigm Magazine have put together this inspiring teaser on his upcoming exhibition in Philadelphia for his photo series “The Odyseuss”. Curated by …

Ben Sherman presents Conversations in Modernism

Ben Sherman presents Conversations in Modernism

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From its renaissance roots to its studies of art, poetry, philosophy, and science of ancient Greece and Rome to the utopian visions of a perfect society – in its truest essence modernism is the confidence of humans to shape their own individual destinies and the future of the world.  From its humble beginnings to its progressive nature, British mod menswear …

Photography by Hugo Michaux – Seoul, South Korea

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Every now and again, we come across the work of artist that evokes an underlying emotion in us, at times it is something awe-inspiring at other it’s simply capturing the nuances of daily life that speaks volumes to us.  The work of Belgian born photographer Hugo Michaux. Having studied photography in his home town of Brussels, Belgium, Hugo Michaux dropped …


Sweet Sheets IV at ZELL CONTEMPORARY ART, Palermo Italy

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Saturday December 17, 2011 will mark the fourth rendition of the Sweet Sheets project.  Born in Palermo Italy in November 2007, Sweet Sheets is a project dedicated to the fragility and the magic of paper. Having involved over 300 artists over the years, this year’s event will be curated by the Zelle Contemporary Art Gallery in Palmero, and will focus …