The American South – A Gentleman’s Adventure!

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    The idea of the modern gentleman is something that is constantly in flux. Chivalrous knights, charming barons and Casanovas seem to have been phased out of modern day society. Partly due to ever-changing gender roles and partly to growing apathy from men in general, the notion of the gentleman seems to be in danger of extinction. While I …

A(LeFRUDE)E A/W 2012 “Nostalgia”

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I cannot recall when last I felt compelled to write about a menswear brand much less about fashion itself.  That was until I came across Japanese outfit A(LeFRUDE)E.  Helmed by the young, boisterous design director Daisuke Sano, the label personifies the notion of combining the free spirit of a young boy with the sophistication of a grown man through their …

PEdAL ED SS 2012

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In recent years we’ve been hard pressed to find a brand that truly dictates a story / lifestyle.  For some time now, brands have become stagnant recycling each other’s ideas while losing the story, and process behind their vision. Offering a harmonious brew of fine tailoring and high tech gear aimed at cycling enthusiasts, Japanese brand “PEdAL ED” is an …


Julien David | An Introspective Into Scarves

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In a short time up and coming accessory designer Julien David has garnered the respect and appreciated of some of the more esteemed names in the industry.  Having honed his craft under Narciso Rodriguez and Ralph Lauren, David launched his own label of neoclassical printed-silk twill scarves.  His collection can be described as an undercurrent edginess of Tokyo fused with …

100 years of style

100 years of East London style in 100 seconds

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Production house Hand Made takes us through a journey of a 100 years of style in East London. From the flapper era, mods, skinheads, Teddy Boys, new wave and up to today’s subcultures – Hand Made does a great job covering every fashion trend/forms from 1911-2011. For those designers out there looking for some inspiration for your future collections, hopefully …

the hill side 1

The Hill-Side Dobby Stripe Natural Flannel Blanket

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With winter around the corner, the need for a proper blanket is essential. The feeling of being hugged by a cozy warm blanket comes second to none – especially with this frigid weather on its way. Known for their expertise in ties and scarves, the Hill-Side and Context teamed up to create these double sided, vintage inspired throw blankets. Created …


Everything I Learned in Design School in Under 4 Minutes

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Designer Steven B. Wheeler takes you through a 4 minute journey of what it takes to create a chambray shirt. From creating the patterns, cutting the design and sewing together the material, Wheeler takes a step by step approach through this lengthly process in a short period of time. Though patterns are now created using modern technology, and no longer …